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It's basically the new 'Desert Golf'. Simple on the surface, crazy challenging underneath. Hugely rewarding when you sink a long putt over a steep green.

More power to you , sir!

A true opus

Smashtastic achieves the unachievable - making a cricket game that doesn't suck. Matches are fast paced, smashes are satisfying and reminiscent of "Baseball Superstars".

I can categorically say this is the best Flash based cricket game on the web and hope to see more from the promising Miniboss studios.

Classic Coin Op goodness

A truly classic arcade coin-op with slick production values and great sprite work. Fantastic second game from Actionsprite after their first sublime effort "Switch". This should really take off with the Facebook crowd. Well done!

A tour de force from a promising young gun!

It's the flash equivalent of War and Peace!

A evolutionary experiment even Darwin would love.

This is a truly good game, gorgeous graphics and presentation, witty writing and lovely pacing. Reminiscent of "Roller Coaster Tycoon" and other isometric style gems. It makes for a great change from the usual 'zombie shooter' games you see around here.

There's also a stack of depth once you look beneath the surface - once you get to the "dangerous creature" breeding especially. Some of the horrors that you can conjure up are truly brilliant.

Well done, a fine effort worth spending time with.

A whale of a tale

All of you complaining about the controls being too difficult, go have a lie down before you cut yourself with the mouse. It's one freaking button, figure it out!

This game is pure malice, pure awesome. Kudos to master developer Ben Leffler.

Eye candy

Outstanding production values, art and sound offset by some clunky controls and not-quite-there physics. Overall a fine effort, just maybe a little clever with the platforming - see Fancy Pants for a more flowing platform engine.

A good, if somewhat generic RPG

Good presentation, introduction and plenty of depth offset by a cookie-cutter generic "kill foozle" RPG plot. Injecting a bit of humour or branching out from the standard Tolkein fantasy setting might serve you well. There's a lot of other cultures you can look to for influence, how about the Mayans? The ancient Persians?

As far as the graphics go, the world feels a bit sparse. Adding drop shadows to the characters might cost a bit of processing power but will add some much needed depth.

Still, an RPG is no easy thing to make and you've built a good engine there! Well done!

Djugan responds:

I really like your suggestion in regards to the fantasy setting for the game. I will certainly consider an alternate "theme" for Hands of War II (my next RPG)

Suprisingly simple, deceptively difficult.

Gexin, you're a noob. Take a lie down before you cut yourself with the mouse.

Great game Ben! Classic old-world strategy with a sci-fi skin. Love the explosions and as always top notch sound design.

A fine magnum opus

A fitting end to an exciting trilogy,all Ben's hallmarks of production, sound design and artwork shine here. Hours of gameplay, puzzles ans secrets to unlock.

As usual it astounds me to read the posts here by the forum trolls. Last time I checked, Newgrounds motto was "everything by everyone" ... not "ONLY FREE GAMES DUDE OMFG WTF"

Rating a game down because you feel like you're "owed" something by a developer is weak. The length of the free component of the game is considerably larger than most games ported here, most of you are flaming the game without even playing through.

What needs to be understood is productions of this quality take many months to build. You're happy to pay a fwe bucks for a throwaway hamburger and a beer, what's the problem with paying some cash to reward the fruits of an indie developer's labour?

The answer is simple. You like the game and want more, it's available to you. You don't? Close the browser and move on.

At any rate, there will always be freeloaders who think the world owes them something - this most vocal of audiences are as mean as they are tight fisted, and not worth losing sleep over.

Kudos on a game well developed, may it bring you success.

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