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A 4.5 score? Really?

Clearly a lot of work has gone into this, and it's funny and original.

However, you could argue that it's not actually a flash animation,merely a video that's been converted to an FLV and stuck in a flash movie. I would actually think this would be better suited to Youtube.

But a 4.5 score? Come on... that's basically saying this is the best thing that has ever been upgraded to Newgrounds, ever.

As a game designer, I honestly believe it would be a great idea to separate games from videos in the daily top ten - primarily because games require a hell of a lot more work than your average animation.

Anyway, congratulations - original and novel.

funymony responds:

I agree and disagree.
The 4.5 rating will go down after a while, Trust me.

Yes, there is Youtube, but you'd have to dig through massive piles of vlogs and garbage to actually get to any decent animations.

The only reason I do animation/stopmotion/live action animation hybrids is because of newgrounds. Alan the Box, Knox, and Dustball have been posting stop motion for years on this website and have been my source of inspriation. (Until just recently, they dropped off the face of the earth.)

Also, yes games are difficult to make, but so are animations. In both fields you have to start out from scratch and take a long time developing an idea whether its Gameplay or Story. You have to study programming languages in coding, but you also have to study motion in animation. They're both equally as hard depending on the quality you throw into them.

I didn't take too long on this animation, and I admit it isn't worthy of a 4.5 score.
But like I said, It'll drop down quick in the long run. That's how the rating system usually goes.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for the review, and keep making kickassy games. =D

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It's basically the new 'Desert Golf'. Simple on the surface, crazy challenging underneath. Hugely rewarding when you sink a long putt over a steep green.

More power to you , sir!

A true opus

Smashtastic achieves the unachievable - making a cricket game that doesn't suck. Matches are fast paced, smashes are satisfying and reminiscent of "Baseball Superstars".

I can categorically say this is the best Flash based cricket game on the web and hope to see more from the promising Miniboss studios.

Classic Coin Op goodness

A truly classic arcade coin-op with slick production values and great sprite work. Fantastic second game from Actionsprite after their first sublime effort "Switch". This should really take off with the Facebook crowd. Well done!

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