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Come and play a game of brave samurai and shameful ninja!

Posted by hechaos - May 13th, 2010

Hey everyone... been taking a long break from Swords & Sandals ( aside from a port to iPhone which got brought asunder by the good folk at Apple ) to work on client projects and other things.

One of these things was a quick little game I put together over the last few weeks.

Play Hearts Aloft

Inspired in part by a recent trip to Japan, the amazing works of Orisinal, the classic Balloon Fight NES game and the current batch of "how high can you climb" jumping games, this is a little of all of the above.

The story is a tragic tale of true love, samurai, ninjas, the race for a cure, and so on. In particular I love the music - found it here on the NG portal - brilliant track called 'Melancholy 'by Wyldfire.

It's not often that I'm proud of the games I build, but I truly believe this one has turned out pretty well. It's up on the portal now, so please play it and if you like it, send the link to your friends.

Cheers, enjoy, and thanks . Oliver Joyce

Come and play a game of brave samurai and shameful ninja!

Comments (5)

The art is very very different from your other games. I like it in some ways, although your other art felt very much part of the game, in the way it was customizable I guess, and this one is kind of clip-artish if you know what I mean. It's difficult for me to explain.

The game is kind of fun but isn't terribly exciting, but whatever, it's okay.

Hey Registar - thanks for writing. The artwork is actually done my friend Tony Lowe, who did all the background art for the Swords & Sandals games. The character art in those games is my artwork, which is a different style.

Good of you to notice though!

lol...I already have a wish of my job xD when my skills are better i´ll join your flash game group :DDDD

I look forward to that !

i LOVED your swords n sandels multiplayer its in my favs I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will fav u as auther favs

I hate how the game gives my character a random name while im creating it, then when i go to change the name to what i want it to be, it still keeps the other name. So basically, I cant change my gladiators name to what i want >:/
Is this a bug or?

When I had no internet at home, I'd slope off once a week to a cousins house and load up a burnable CD, then later a 1 gb usb drive, with porn music pictures movies and games from Newgrounds.
Death Row was a nice challenge, and a great approach to gaming.
Funny, half the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are on a hunger strike just now.... is that why you're not on NG anymore lol?