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Swords & Sandals 3: Multiplayer - server upgraded

Posted by hechaos - August 25th, 2009

Greetings all,

Just a quick post to let fans of the Swords & Sandals series know that we've upgraded the multiplayer server this week , meaning that those who have tried to play the multiplayer version of the game in the past, but couldn't log in, now's your chance to play the game as it was intended.

Swords & Sandals III: Multplae Ultratus

The server is much more stable now - if you haven't played Swords & Sandals III:Multiplae Ultratus in a while, come check it out and let me know your thoughts. You'll still want a broadband connection.... dialup will just be too slow.

In other news, I'm currently hard at work on a football (soccer) game - part RPG, part Speedball, part NBA Jam . Lots of cartoon blood and action , should be out later this year, then I'll be back working on another Swords and Sandals game.

For fans of ExMortis, my mate Ben Leffler tells me ExMortis 3 will be dropping in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for one of the best horror adventure games in the indie world.

Cheers Oliver!

Swords & Sandals 3: Multiplayer - server upgraded

Comments (6)

ha, i hacked the game and got the whole thing for free xD

Your parents must be so proud. Next thing you'll be bringing down Russian satellites from your "L33T Haxxor" computer in your mum's basement.

hey fellow Joyce ;)

Hey my man! The Joyces slowly taking over Newgrounds... very slowly haha :)

Meh, I am proud of myself of finally fucking hacking that game, took me a couple days :[ next time make it easier? roflmao.

i gotta admit,i would do what psycho did and try to get it for free.i mean,swords and sandels is good and all but i mean,we dont wanna play for a flash game thats like any other...

You can play it for free. You just have to be a member of Fizzy to save your character, otherwise we can't track your character in the database. That's free too. The "paid" content is high level stuff and also gives you access to a bunch of other games and things on Fizzy.

You can always enjoy a battle for free - there will always be parts of the series that are free, rest assured.

i mean pay

I agree with shooter190, you make us pay for better weapons, armor, and spells; that's understandable. the problem with that is the fact that you are making us pay for most of the stuff on the game (not including the ability to rise to much higher levels). It's a fun game and addicting, but if you only made us pay for half maybe even make it free, a lot more people would join. if you made it free i would tell all my friends at school about it and encourage them to join too. but seriously, you are making us pay for pleasure, that's greed. I mean no offense but please consider letting people play for free. it wouldn't hurt, would it? I don't think it would.