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Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests has landed, grab thyself a mug of ale!

Posted by hechaos - May 17th, 2009

Morning all, just letting you know another chapter in the Swords & Sandals saga is out!

It may only seem like a short time ago that I released Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus (and its multiplayer brother) , but it's that time again. This game took just under 4 months to build, largely because I used the S&SIII engine.

Play Swords & Sandals 4

This is a bit more of an experimental direction for the series to go, rather than just being straight up combat, it centers around a bunch of gladiators playing board games in a tavern. Gladiators create characters, roll dice and move around a fantasy board playing minigames, fighting each other and having adventures.

Think "Mario Party" with a lot more blood and guts. :) You can play this "hotseat" multiplayer, so gather a few friends around your computer and give it a go , I think you'll have a good laugh , certainly more so than playing against simply computer opponents.

Anyway not everyone will like the direction the series has taken, but like all good things it evolves and I always try to listen to the fans ... let me know your thoughts and what I can do for the next game.

Speaking of which, I'm about to embark on a sequel to Swords & Sandals Crusader - the spinoff wargame ... this one will be more RTS focused, ala a mixture of Warcraft/Dawn of War and Heroes of Might and Magic ( in my head that works anyway... haha ) , I'll get back to you before the end of the year :)

Cheers and have fun. Oliver Joyce

Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests has landed, grab thyself a mug of ale!

Comments (21)

its another demo right?

Sure is. But as usual my demo's are bigger than 90% of free games submitted here, so no need for the flames.

i love it!!!!

lots and lots of bugs

Can the Red Baron appear as a Cameo for you're next game?

He's Bad-Ass enough for your game right? Big Red Armor

Ale is nice, but give me my scotch and whiskey!
nice game, favorite already

I second you on the Scotch and Whiskey call! ;) A drink for mages maybe. The fighters can have their ale.

Very fun game, sadly it freezes every time you played a match.

Online multiplayer would be amazing for a game like this.

Thanks Yiffy - game freeze bug is sorted.

kinda buggy my little brother walked off the screen of the barrel minigame and he couldint get back top the screen i tried it too and yet again i was stuck but i will not purchase this game for at least a month until u fix all the bugs

Thanks for finding that bug Oz, I'll look into it ASAP.

lol after clearing my cache to fix the old background stopping glitch, the game for some reason, freezes at the game master doing his nerdy calculations... any ideas?

this game is well good. But who's that guy with the black hood??? i really want to know.

That's supposed to be you, the player ! It's sort of a generic "mysterious stranger" that could be a boy or a girl.

the game is purrty good, i mean im guessing that it is mario party mixed in with dungons and dragons, it's got to be worth playing! and i love how you cant tell what you realy look like (exept that you have a face lol). it realy brings mystry into it!

(P.S, on swords and sandels 5 you should make it were swords and sandels 3 left off, i would love to kill some aliens on a arena from space :D)

Hi Oliver

I played it and it seems interesting. I'm not sure if I want the series to continue in this direction, but it's a bit difficult to say at the moment. I'll drop a review once you fix the bug, and I'll be buying the full version ASAP.

Hey Commander, thanks for writing - this is definitely a one off as far as the whole 'boardgame/minigame' direction , it goes right back to arena fighting for swords and sandals 5, but that won't be till next year. I'm making Crusader 2 next :)

Variety being the spice of life and all!


interesting little game :)

There is an annoying bug. When ending a game, you click on a tick and then, eventually, there is a level up button. If I do not click exactly on it, the game is frozen and I have to reload, unfortunately losing all benefits of the last game.
- prevent this bug to happen
- save the character as soon as the victory/defeat animation is done or just before.

Is there any way to copy your save file from demo version to full version, or have i start the game again?

This game is good but i think that free players should go up to level 12-14 at least.

can someone fight me on
Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus
i am a level 6 and my char is called rocklord the over lord
if you do want to fight plz tell me

today is fizzy,s birthday!!! happy birthday

I like the game.

Just fix the glitches and i might actually buy this game.

you should make this game into multiplayer it would be really fun

I bought your game and it is awesome!I am level 43 on it!

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