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Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests has landed, grab thyself a mug of ale!

2009-05-17 20:10:43 by hechaos

Morning all, just letting you know another chapter in the Swords & Sandals saga is out!

It may only seem like a short time ago that I released Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus (and its multiplayer brother) , but it's that time again. This game took just under 4 months to build, largely because I used the S&SIII engine.

Play Swords & Sandals 4

This is a bit more of an experimental direction for the series to go, rather than just being straight up combat, it centers around a bunch of gladiators playing board games in a tavern. Gladiators create characters, roll dice and move around a fantasy board playing minigames, fighting each other and having adventures.

Think "Mario Party" with a lot more blood and guts. :) You can play this "hotseat" multiplayer, so gather a few friends around your computer and give it a go , I think you'll have a good laugh , certainly more so than playing against simply computer opponents.

Anyway not everyone will like the direction the series has taken, but like all good things it evolves and I always try to listen to the fans ... let me know your thoughts and what I can do for the next game.

Speaking of which, I'm about to embark on a sequel to Swords & Sandals Crusader - the spinoff wargame ... this one will be more RTS focused, ala a mixture of Warcraft/Dawn of War and Heroes of Might and Magic ( in my head that works anyway... haha ) , I'll get back to you before the end of the year :)

Cheers and have fun. Oliver Joyce

Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests has landed, grab thyself a mug of ale!


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2009-05-17 20:13:26

its another demo right?

hechaos responds:

Sure is. But as usual my demo's are bigger than 90% of free games submitted here, so no need for the flames.


2009-05-17 21:11:15

i love it!!!!


2009-05-18 02:19:30

lots and lots of bugs


2009-05-18 04:25:07

Can the Red Baron appear as a Cameo for you're next game?

He's Bad-Ass enough for your game right? Big Red Armor


2009-05-18 04:32:58

Ale is nice, but give me my scotch and whiskey!
nice game, favorite already

hechaos responds:

I second you on the Scotch and Whiskey call! ;) A drink for mages maybe. The fighters can have their ale.


2009-05-18 06:53:10

Very fun game, sadly it freezes every time you played a match.

Online multiplayer would be amazing for a game like this.

hechaos responds:

Thanks Yiffy - game freeze bug is sorted.


2009-05-18 21:02:57

kinda buggy my little brother walked off the screen of the barrel minigame and he couldint get back top the screen i tried it too and yet again i was stuck but i will not purchase this game for at least a month until u fix all the bugs

hechaos responds:

Thanks for finding that bug Oz, I'll look into it ASAP.


2009-05-19 18:53:59

lol after clearing my cache to fix the old background stopping glitch, the game for some reason, freezes at the game master doing his nerdy calculations... any ideas?


2009-05-21 13:32:06

this game is well good. But who's that guy with the black hood??? i really want to know.

hechaos responds:

That's supposed to be you, the player ! It's sort of a generic "mysterious stranger" that could be a boy or a girl.


2009-05-23 11:15:02

the game is purrty good, i mean im guessing that it is mario party mixed in with dungons and dragons, it's got to be worth playing! and i love how you cant tell what you realy look like (exept that you have a face lol). it realy brings mystry into it!

(P.S, on swords and sandels 5 you should make it were swords and sandels 3 left off, i would love to kill some aliens on a arena from space :D)


2009-05-26 17:27:00

Hi Oliver

I played it and it seems interesting. I'm not sure if I want the series to continue in this direction, but it's a bit difficult to say at the moment. I'll drop a review once you fix the bug, and I'll be buying the full version ASAP.

hechaos responds:

Hey Commander, thanks for writing - this is definitely a one off as far as the whole 'boardgame/minigame' direction , it goes right back to arena fighting for swords and sandals 5, but that won't be till next year. I'm making Crusader 2 next :)

Variety being the spice of life and all!


2009-06-08 06:09:07



2009-06-12 09:07:28

interesting little game :)

There is an annoying bug. When ending a game, you click on a tick and then, eventually, there is a level up button. If I do not click exactly on it, the game is frozen and I have to reload, unfortunately losing all benefits of the last game.
- prevent this bug to happen
- save the character as soon as the victory/defeat animation is done or just before.


2009-06-15 09:34:56

Is there any way to copy your save file from demo version to full version, or have i start the game again?


2009-06-20 22:59:11

This game is good but i think that free players should go up to level 12-14 at least.


2009-06-21 07:33:00

can someone fight me on
Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus
i am a level 6 and my char is called rocklord the over lord
if you do want to fight plz tell me


2009-06-30 12:42:10

today is fizzy,s birthday!!! happy birthday


2009-07-02 22:43:03

I like the game.

Just fix the glitches and i might actually buy this game.


2009-07-22 04:41:04

you should make this game into multiplayer it would be really fun


2009-08-05 21:33:20

I bought your game and it is awesome!I am level 43 on it!


2009-08-22 01:27:06

how can i get the awesome song on my computer