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Join the battle against Swine Flu with my new game.

2009-05-01 21:24:08 by hechaos

Morning friends... I trust this email finds you well and free of the dreaded porcine plague that is Swine Flu!

My buddies and at work were just talking about the hysteria surrounding the virus on Wednesday night, and we began speculating about the (excuse the pun) viral games that will follow in Swine Flu's wake.

There's already been one game out, Swinefighter - totally amateur game , it would get blammed here - but it's done huge traffic around the world because the media picked up on it.

Anway, we thought we'd try our hand at making a viral game. Started Thursday morning, finished Friday lunchtime, and voila , here it is. Nice and simple premise, you're on the US / Mexico border, chucking pigs into the desert.

So I've just submitted it to the portal, have a play and shoot yourself some deadly swines. Needs Flash Player 10 and a fast machine to get it to run smoothly, I went a bit overboard on the blur effects!

Good times , good times :) anyway, have fun, if you like it, send it round and we'll see how viral we can get it.

In other news, Swords & Sandals IV due out next Friday !

Cheers Oliver

Join the battle against Swine Flu with my new game.


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2009-05-01 23:04:29

Sorry for the low vote dude. I voted low because I hate stereotypes. If you think that deleting my review will get you better is fine for me.

hechaos responds:

No need to apologise my friend. It's important to stick up for what you believe - I'm sorry if you were offended... never my intention at all. Cheers.


2009-05-02 00:04:46

I believe it's called Mexican Flu now.


2009-05-02 21:59:59

Weird idea, but simple and nice composition! Good job.


2009-05-14 10:51:54

Where is sword and sandals IV? Q_Q.