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Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests beta gameplay video

Posted by hechaos - April 7th, 2009

For fans of the Swords & Sandals series, the latest one is about to roll out the door next month. Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests is a bit different from the previous games and may polarise the fans.

Swords & Sandals IV:Beta gameplay video

Basically it's a cross between the gladiator fighting of Swords & Sandals and the minigames/boardgame aspect of Mario Party/Talisman etc. You move around a board, having adventures, fighting and playing minigames such as horse riding, platforms, puzzlers etc.

You can play up to 4 players "hotseat" style on one computer, or against up to 3 computer opponents.

For those that aren't a fan of the new game, rest assured the next game will be back to arena combat and there's also a seuel to Crusader on the way. It's important to keep some variety in the series, keep people on their toes ;)

Look for the full release next month. Cheers Oliver

Swords & Sandals IV:Tavern Quests beta gameplay video

Comments (11)

Wow. Mario party? Really?

Truly! The idea came about from me wanting to be able to run a sword through characters like Birdo and Princess Peach.

wow ! SWORD AND SANDALS are a monopoly game ? ,XD, exelent RPG AND MMORPG for flash

I love all of your sword and sandals game and this will be awesome two

Thanks, friend!


You going to the Newgrounds Australia Meet?
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<a href="http://www.luiscastanon.com/ng-australia-meet-2009-main.html">http://www.luiscastanon.com/ng-austra lia-meet-2009-main.html</a>

WoW...You are a very good animator/programmer. I&acute;m like only 3 months practiced flash and a 5 minutes long animation will be to me a big job. I think you spent a long time on your computer making that game.

Respect Joyce!!! xD

Cheers Vilanter! You're right - it takes ages... I do it fulltime for a job, I think that's the only way I can put in all the detail I want into my game. I used to do it when I was in highschool, nights and weekends, but things just took forever, I know the feeling.

Keep learning Flash though, it's only getting better/faster as a technology, the games that will come out in the next few years will start to rival Xbox Live and Nintendo DS titles. It's a great hobby, Flash coding, so keep it up !

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and this new game looks cool
do you play your games with other people????
any way you are the best on my list of best game makers

Thanks Ricky... glad you like the look of the game. It's something a bit different so I'm not sure how it will be received. I sometimes play Swords & Sandals III multiplayer, but I'm not that good at it, lol.

Other games I play (for fun) , Dawn of War, Titan Quest (a bit old but still quality), looking forward to new Diablo too!

oh one more thing you make the best games EVER!!!

you don't have to send something back

Dont forget to not make us pay for the god damn real thing.

That, friend, is a double negative....and of course as usual the game is for sale. All my games are, that's how I earn a crust. As usual , again, the demo is pretty exhaustive and you'll get a good play out of that when you're taking a break from completing your Masters in English Literature..... . ;)

when does this come out?

Either next week or the following. Possibly Friday?

i played the game and its great only problem is when i save if i get back on my guy becomes invisible(which is awesome) but all his stats go back to one