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Come grab some Yum Cha Showdown! Ninjas, chickens, pandas, oh my!

2009-01-05 18:58:45 by hechaos

Morning all and happy new year to everyone. I've just uploaded to the portal a new game....

Yum Cha Showdown

What you see above is my first non-"Swords & Sandals" game in quite a while. After Swords & Sandals III I needed a break. The damn thing took me almost a year to build, would you believe. Mainly because of the multiplayer dramas of course, but still a long time no doubt.

So, over November and December I decided to tackle a project originally concepted and built by my old buddy Silas "Sidog" Rowe, a game called Yum Cha Showdown. It's sort of a "worms style" action RPG game where you guide three little heroes across the orient in search of a meal to please their empress.

I had to scale back Silas' original plans due to time constraints. Originally there were going to be a lot more RPG elements, customised magic and armour, much more stats and a deeper story, but I like how this one turned out anyway.

The full version has over fifty levels, this one for Newgrounds has ten, but check it out and see what you think.

As for what's next? I'm not entirely sure... I need a bit of a break from Swords and Sandals before I start on the next one... would love to hear some ideas from where people would like that series to go!

Cheers and thanks everyone for supporting Flash Gaming - you're a great and vibrant community.

Oliver Joyce

Come grab some Yum Cha Showdown! Ninjas, chickens, pandas, oh my!


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2009-01-05 19:16:29

First comment!


2009-01-05 19:24:00

Please... stop making Swords and Sandles games.
They're overrated and crappy. Make some other games for a change.


2009-01-05 19:51:47

He can make whatever he wants, LichKingz. Just because a game is overated doesn't mean it's "crappy".


2009-01-06 12:00:28

I like Sword's and Sandles. It's entertaining and fun to do. Keeps you busy for a while.


2009-01-06 12:00:57




2009-01-11 00:53:48

i got a profile on fizzy