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Comments (7)

If only it were the good type of football. Still a great game though.

Haha... man I think American Football would be an awesome game to make... soccer is just bigger worldwide. I'm hoping to make a whole series of these games though, basketball, baseball, hockey, NFL maybe ( seems damn complex with all the playbook moves but never know!)

Game will be out soon - was going to post it live today but can't get the keyboard controls to work here in the newgrounds environment!

Sweet man! Everything looks pretty interesting ;)

Cheers Mr Joyce!

those it going to be the same version like on fizzy.com? a demo

There'll be a free online version and a downloadable version which you can buy. Most people on Newgrounds will never buy a game, fair enough. There'll be heaps of gameplay in the online version, don't rule the game out because of preconceptions about 'demo's

If everyone thought that way, games like DOOM would never have gotten off the ground.. that was a shareware game remember.

it looks gay like you and your icon

What a strange thing to say...and rather ironic to comment on my icon considering your own icon is a "pink and green" stuffed toy animal.

What's got you so upset...did something you see on "Dora the Explorer" before playgroup this morning frighten you?

Anyway, sadly for you that's the last you'll post on my page. You're banned.

You make good games. :)

I think it would be awsome to make a Heroic Sports Series! I can see that it can be succesful (yet not as succesful as Swords and Sandals, which is more or likely the most played flash gaming series known to date) And hows Crusader 2 or Swords and Sandals 5 going along! In 5 i would realy like to play more world champs from other worlds in order to become best in the Universe! and from another comment i said that you should make a free full and a premium full (One you can complete the game and another which is the same with more things) and are you going to put one in your next game?

Hey man, sorry to take so long to reply to this! Swords & Sandals 5 is coming along, about 20% complete - had many distractions this year unfortunately. A series for Heroic Sports would have been great , maybe in the future - basketball , baseball, gridiron.

Crusader 2 is a while away, maybe late next year? I need more resources :)

For Mr. Joyce

Can I make a parody version of S&S?

Hey Desgar, sorry I only just got round to reading this comment. Absolutely, I'd love to see a parody of Swords & Sandals, be sure to send me the link and I'll try to get you a bit of publicity. Cheers Oliver