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Comments (28)

What better way to celebrate anything than by blasting aliens!

awesome! auto-fived from me!

Obama sucks.

lol, nice segway.

Admittedly a bit of a cash-in on today's events, but my second choice was President Schwarzenegger and that was too cliche......haha

You should lay off the overdone muscle given to guys in S&S3. Skinny, Muscular, Fat. Just no. It needs to look particularly cartoonish, which is what I think the series once went for, and less like a feeble attempt at realism. Also, having everybody start off wearing underwear and, if they can scrape up money, a torn skirt is a bad idea.

Also, this game is winrar.

Is "misunderestimated" even a word?
[yay] Obama [/yay]

It's straight out of Prez Bush's playbook! :)

Hey man i like the style of the game, its a good mix of RTS and towers, i dont know if it was just me but i must of gotten a glich cause during the begining of the game my money disappeared and it just said NAN and i had like unlimited amounts of money so i buffed up early in the game and whooped some ass, still had fun.

Next game should be like the swords and sandals crusader but with better graphics, more troops, and it should be free.

Thinking I'll definitely do a sequel to Crusader at some point, likely this year. Agree about more troops, next game will prob be in actionscript 3 so I can have more stuff going on at once.

Sadly though, Swords & Sandals never gonna be a free series. In the words of Bush, "I'm working hard to put food on my family."

I wish Ron Paul was black, then he might have won =(

man you need to make a walkthrough for this game its hard.

Great fusion of two genres Tower Defence and City Building. This production is really huge man, I hope you get the front page for some weeks, some people will love this unique game.
I made a planet defense game not long ago, but I have to learn a lot until make a so deep and fun strategy title like yours.

Love the new game

Hey, I recently wrote a review for this game. This is definitely one of my favorite games on NG. I started playing on regular, and I can't get very far. The waves are way too close together. I am just offering some constructive criticism, I am not trying to complain. I would suggest trying to re-even the time between waves.
EVERYTHING else in this game is great. Keep up the good work.

Looked cool but I closed the window right when seeing the Obama gayness.

i got to the wave when they started damaging stuff it was fun tho hard i got up to 10000 in total but i did spend but if i didnt spend id have that much.

i think u should make a game with all ur ideas in it, thats what im doing in a story. its relly twisted.

Im so close to loving this game.. i really hope you make a sequal and you balance it more... . Im sure you could do it.

I can see so much potential in this game its like ouch :(

When do you gonna make your next project? Im like your big fan :)

Have ANYONE ever beaten this game?

The mighty hechaos rule!

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